Pick colour for your furniture

Pick colour for your furniture

The colour palette is one of the most important design decisions you’ll need to make when decorating a home. From paint colour to fabrics and finishes, colour can have a large effect on how your home looks and feels.

Your Personal Choice

The first thing to consider is your personal choice. Do you want an attractive colour? Are you more kind of drawn to calming colours? Or maybe you are more attracted to vibrant colours that can be refreshing and energising? Explore more options and find colours that inspire you.

The Colours Already in the Room

Consider the colour elements you already have in your room, such as the Ceiling, Floor, Fixtures, and some existing Furniture. Your room could turn out amazing if you consider working with the colours of things that are already in the area. It only depends on you on how you would work them into the colour scheme that you want.

The Materials Based on Your Colour Choice

Think of the materials as they can also determine the colour, whether it could be Leather or fibre finish. In comparison to Leather, choosing a Grey shade with Cotton finish can completely change the interior’s appearance. Having a vision and emphasis on the materials that reflect your style is essential.

An overview of the most important furnishing colours and their meaning 


Red promotes vitality and energy, it stimulates the immune system. Red should be used in moderation, because too much red makes you restless.  


Orange is also an important colour for our mental well-being. Orange increases zest for life and optimism, has a positive effect on mood and self-confidence. Rooms with the colour Orange radiate cosiness. Orange is the ideal colour for rooms with little daylight. Like Red, Orange is a dominant colour. Therefore, even smaller colour areas are sufficient for a clear impulse. 


The colour yellow has a great importance for the psyche. It promotes zest for life, optimism and joy, has a positive effect on creativity and concentration. Yellow reduces anxiety and depression and can have a positive effect on immune deficiencies. Yellow makes small rooms look larger. This colour is very well suited for offices, including the home office. 


Green harmonises and calms, it conveys security and hope and increases creativity. Green is therefore also well suited for the home office, but should be used in moderation - for example in the form of plants or colourful home accessories that add a splash of colour to Green.  


Blue stands for trust and calm, it helps with sleep disorders, but also promotes clear, structured thinking. Blue is often used extensively in rooms for relaxation, preferably in the bedroom. It can also be used in the home office in the form of coloured accessories. Small rooms look larger with Blue wall decoration


Purple is the colour of art and inspiration. It promotes self-confidence and concentration. Purple can also be used in the form of coloured accessories in a room. 


This colour family stands for idealism, joy and order. Magenta can have a positive effect on mental shock. The colour conveys inner security. 

Brown/earth tones 

Rooms that are coloured with Brown tones and Earth tones are calming and balancing. As a supplement, other colours can be used as highlights in the form of Cushions, Living Accessories or Plants, because too much Brown has a heavy, tiring effect. 


Gold is the colour of wealth and luxury (especially in combination with Black). However, it also goes along with ideas of love, wisdom and magic. The colour Gold is well suited to be used in doses in a Home Office or Living area. 


White can be used very well to brighten up a room or to complement another living colour and enhance its effect through colour contrast. A room kept entirely in White does not stimulate creativity. So it is better to use White only for part of a room. 


Grey is the colour of complexity–everything that falls in between absolutes. It typically consider Grey to be conservative, elegant, and cool, though it can be a bit mysterious. Grey is the perfect neutral, as it can moderate brighter hues and pull a colour scheme together.

It will be super fun and challenging to pick your furniture colour. Check out our range and you will find your own piece.