Ways To Make Your Room Feel Bigger

Lightening up your colour scheme

You will seriously be amazed at the dramatic transformation you can make by simply lightening up the colour scheme of a room. Whilst many believe that painting the walls all White brightens up the room and will make the space feel bigger, it can actually do the opposite and make the room appear boxy and bland. Instead, you should use an accent or trim colour, framing light colours such as a Soft Pewter Grey for added depth.

Add an accent wall

Adding an Accent wall is a great way to make a room feel larger. By giving the eye somewhere interesting to focus on immediately you are distracted about the rather small size of the room. 

Smaller furniture tends to cluster up the space and make it look small, so choose bigger ones instead and in minimal quantity for a clean overall aesthetic. For Wall Art, in particular, go for one large-scale piece rather than multiple pieces.

Emphasise and increase natural light

Emphasising and increasing the amount of natural light makes a huge difference in making a small room feel bigger.

Natural light creates the illusion of space, and Mirrors create the illusion of natural light, so even in dim spaces or small, windowless corners, a mirror can help expand the look.

Mirrors help bounce light around a room, which helps by boosting the amount of natural light in the space. Plus, there's something about the reflection in the mirror and seeing “more” room that really makes an impact and makes a room feel larger.

Add smart storage

Storage is another useful feature to add anywhere it can fit. Instead of Dining Chairs, perhaps try a Bench with hidden storage. Instead of Floating Shelving, opt for Floating Drawers. They serve the same purpose and give you extra compartments for necessities. 
One of the most important elements of a balanced design is the distribution of weight, and in smaller rooms choosing pieces with lighter silhouettes helps open up the space. 
Our favourite way to achieve this is by selecting focal pieces with legs to create the feeling of more floor room. Whether it’s the Sofa, Coffee Table, the Stool or the Cabinets and Bookshelves, opt for furniture with exposed legs. Not only do they look less boxy and more airy but the extra verticals and negatives will also give the illusion of a larger room.

Get creative and use space efficiently!

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